Zulma & Mike Pacheco

We are writing to you to express our personal appreciation for your past and more importantly your most recent help with transitioning our Mortgage; you and Mortgage Transit have made this all a very smooth and an extremely none stressful process, as you know how exciting and difficult all of this can be for any one.We truly appreciate all you have done for us, your trust and most importantly your commitment to successfully guiding us through the process from beginning to end.We have and always will continue to recommend Mortgage Transit to all our friends and family.

Again thank you,

 Zulma and Mike Pacheco



From Louie & Ellen  

We can’t recall the last time we sent a commendation to a company, but we simply have just been so impressed that we feel that it’s due. You, sir, Mr. Rafiee, are a remarkable man. In this industry, we have not seen so much dedication and truthfulness from the others. You really have done what exactly you said from your website “put our customers first and strive to serve them better”. This is what we called a Stellar Service! Mr. Rafiee, we thank you and we salute you, and truly, you have established a long-lasting relation with us.

Louie & Ellen Larracas


From Trondur & Hannah

We are thoroughly impressed by Siavash’s knowledge and professionalism. Being first time buyers meant that we were under a lot of stress and not sure who to trust. However, Siavash proved to be an honest and reliable resource, he definitely showed that he had our best interests in mind. In addition, we were never in the dark, he informed us of all details related to the process and constantly provided updates in a timely manner. In the end, he obtained the best product on the market for us at the best rate. We look forward to working with Siavash in the future and would recommend Siavash to any potential buyers who we come in contact with. 
Trust in Siavash and let him work his magic! 
Trondur & Hannah


A First Time Home Buyer  

Mr Rafiee, first of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great service you’ve presented to myself and my wife , in regards to our mortgage with your organization .The patients you have explaining in detail what the process is and the phone promptness when dealing with my calls. When purchasing my next home it will be an honor to deal with someone such as yourself. 

Hope to keep in contact with you.                                   

 Yours sincerely – Mr & Mrs Talbot


 A First Time Home Buyer  

Mr Rafiee not only has the ample knowledge required but also the patience, determination and people skills necessary to ride through the processes in order to reach your goals. He always makes himself available and makes sure you understand what needs to be done and how he can help you get there and reach your target!”



A home Buyer

 “…………for me, purchasing a home was always a major financial decision.  It required the knowledge and skills I do not have.  The question was how to find a qualified broker to help me with the purchase.  Even more pressing was who I could trust with my financial decision.  All the doubts disappeared when I met Siavash.  The rest is, as they say, history.  I am enjoying my own residence now.  By the way, Siavash helped my son to purchase his home also…….”

 A home-buyer,

IT Project Manager – University of Toronto Instructor

They Are the Best!” 

You took all the guess work out of purchasing, refinancing, or selling a home. I know because I have done each with Mortgage Transit.  They explained the process in detail and work efficiently with integrity. We not only have become “clients for life” but we’ve also made friends for life. They’re the best!!!

 Sincerely –  Your friend, IT Specialist

“I highly recommend their services to anyone.”

 Siavash was so in tune with my Mortgage and financial needs that he knew why I was nervous about closing on time and reassured me that he could help me close on time. He got me a great loan that closed within days.  My sister referred me to them after she did her mortgage with them earlier in the year. I highly recommend their services to anyone



 “They were there every step of the way.”

 Accuracy and knowledge

Our purchase, sale, and financing experience with the Mortgage Transit Inc. were great. They were there at every step of the way to guide us through the process. Having everything in one place greatly simplified the   process. I would certainly recommend Mortgage Transit Inc. to my friends and relatives

 Thanks to Mortgage Transit